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Johri Bazaar - Pride of Jaipur

Jaipur, the home of Arts, is itself a gem, both literally and metaphorically. Its talent and creativity has found expression in so many areas that this gem sparkles from every angel. The businessmen of Jaipur have achieved first rank nationally in export of artistically cut precious and semi- precious stone. A carving in stone is believed to be long lasting.

If this stone carving is in the hand of skillful artist it results in sculpture which appears to be everlasting. Jaipur is a center of many kind of sculpture of great excellence. This is due to the geographical location of Jaipur.

it’s artistic tradition and dedication to beauty, by its craftsmen. This pursuit of artistic excellence has been a living tradition throughout more than two hundred fifty years of the history of Jaipur town. Jaipur occupies a special place at the international level due to its multifaceted identity. Jaipur reflects the personality of Swai Jai Singh, the great lover of art, scholar and man of taste who was its founder. He brought to Jaipur not only prosperity but also attracted great personalities.

When the capital of the state was shifted from Amer to Jaipur in 1727, Jai Singh developed Jaipur not only as a planned town but also as an intellectual, cultural, educational, artistic center and also encouraged painting, sculpture, music and other arts. Famous specialist in these areas were invited from all over the country and encouraged to settle down in Jaipur.

Jai Singh’s wisdom and foresight made Jaipur a centre of attraction for artists and men of genius from all over the world. The Pinkcity become their favourite work place and it also made a name in the sphere of gems and sports particularly Polo. It is also known as a centre of sculpture and Emerald Jewellery. Thus Jaipur is a unique city with a multi-faceted personality.

The internationally famous gem craft of Jaipur has a very old tradition. Skillful craftsmen from Delhi, Agra and Varanasi were among the first to be invited to settle in Jaipur. They not only kept alive but also achieved further excellence in their family skills and traditions some families of jewellers connected with this have helped Jaipur to become one of the main centre in this sphere in the world.

This is reflected in the field that a main market is known as Johri Bazar and the chief centre court of the Pinkcity is known as “Badhi Choupar”.

Some of the families that were invited to settle in Jaipur were Mukim, Maalpani, Phophalia, Zargar, Sandhi Ajja Mia etc. The Mukim are believed to have been invited from the Mughals court by Maharaja Ram Singh. The others were invited by Jai Singh. Later the Kishan Chand Harchand Singharh family flourished here. Familiesthat came still later were Dhandia, Bairathi and Mushal. The well known Kashinath family of Delhi was also attracted to Jaipur.

Among the families which contributed to the development and success of gem and jewellery work in Jaipur were: Sundar Lal Tholia, Ratan Lal Ji, Phophalia, Sugan Chand Ji Chordra, Shri Chand Ji Golcha, Gulab Chand Ji Bothra, Punam Chand Ji Jhajhar, Ratan Lal Ji Naulekha and Raj Roop Ji Tak special mention must be made of the Vinay Chand Bhai Durlabji and Khel Shanker Durlabji family which came from Morbvi (Gujrat). Mention must also be made of Muna Lal Surana, Harishchand Bader, Shrimal Navlankha, Gokul Dal ji andGyan Chand Ji Khinduka and M/S Guman Mal Umrab Mal Chordiya, Gem Place, Gems Trading Corporation, Bhuramal Rajmal Surana, Maliram Puranmal, Sagarmal Danga and company, Jewellery’s Emporium.

At first place it many appears o be a puzzle how Jaipur become such a great centre of gem and jewellery work and industry particularly Ruby and Emerald of without the raw material of uncut gems or gold being available everywhere in the state. It was the outcome of the wise and foresighted policy followed by the rulers of Jaipur. Jewelers and gem traders from all over the world used to come to Jaipur to sell their wares to the gem lover rulers of Jaipur. However, the ruler made their purchase through the local jewelers. Thus these families had an opportunity to develop and flourish.

There were no banks at that time loans were advanced to local jewelers by the ruler. Patronage was also extended to artisans engaged in gem cutting, engraving and setting gems in gold and silver.

It has been the special good fortune of Jaipur that arts, crafts, architecture and fine arts continued to develop here while the rest of India saw unsettled conditions. The Mughal Empire began to disintegrate in the early Eighteenth century. Large areas of India were ravaged by the Pendaris and Thugs. The Marathas, Tipu Sultan and the Osmania rulers of Hyderabad fought each other for supermacy in the sub-continent while the Marathas plundered Agra and Delhi, Jaipur were untouched. The Jaipur state was an area of peace and settled conditions. For about a thousand years the Amer state and Jaipur, Pink City didn’t see any attackers.

Today Jaipur is known all over the world over as a gem centre. It is the world capital for Emerald because eighty percent of all finished emerald work of the world originated form Jaipur. From costly Emerald to Semi- precious and artificial gems, eightyfour kinds of gems are cut and finished here. Gem work of very high quality is done here by craftsmen who use very simple tools, work not in any factory but in barely finished rooms at home, following the family or traditional style of craftsmenship. No machines are used. Often the whole family is engaged in this work.

Gold and silver jewellery manufacture naturally developed with gem work because the two go together. Jewellers have nave been considered in anyway less important then gem workers in Jaipur.

So Jaipur is a center of excellent Meenakari, Kundan and stone-set and Lack jewellery. The rich artistic heritage of Jaipur in gem and jewellery work also inspired a poet who thus describes the scene of open sail of jewellery and pearls in Jaipur.

“In the street of Jaipur beautiful sales girls sell jewels and pearls but they do not open their mouths fully under the fear that their shining teeth may outshine the jewels and so the jewels may be underpriced by the buyers as they may appear less sparkling than the teeth of the damsels.”

This passage occurs in the Sanskrit Epic Ishvaravilas Mahakavaya( canto 3- verse 10 ) written soon after Jaipur town was founded by Swai Jai Singh. The poet is descriving the scene of sale of flowers, sweets, snacks, toys etc along the street of the town. In shows that articles of jewellery were sold in open markets here even at that time. We have records of a long history of real jewellery and artificial jewellery in Jaipur right since it was founded in 1727 A.D.

Top Sellers from Johri Bazaar


<font face=Tahoma>Yellow Sapphire is regarded as the best of gems in the same way as Brihaspati is the teacher of gods. Jupiter represents wisdom and religion in human life. Therefore it is such a gem which is worthy to be worn by all.<b><font color=#F87217>The wearer of Yellow Sapphire gets the knowledge of law, ethics, wit, wisdom, pleasure of getting children, worldly happiness, para physical bliss, physical power, cleverness, long life, good health, food grains, prosperity,  glory and mental peace. It is most beneficial to authors, writers, barristers, traders and businessmen</font></b>.<br><font color=#7E2217>The girl in the family who has reached the age of marriage should wear yellow sapphire because it removes delay in this way of their marriage</font>. <b><font color=#F87217> A spouse should wear it for a happier conjugal life</font></b>. It helps to pacify the anger of its wearer by providing sharp sightedness. It strengthens the bond of friendship. It shows its influence by removing the danger of accidental death.</font>
Yellow Sapphire is regarded as the best of gems in the same way as Brihaspati is the
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<font face =Tahoma>Blue Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. If it proves agreeable to a person, <font color=#151B8D>it can bless one with immense good luck, wealth and prosperity, and grant unexpected riches & sudden financial gains</font>.<b>Blue Sapphire also protects the wearer from misfortunes, accidents, unexpected & natural calamities, and guards one from unforeseen risks & dangers</b>. <font color=#151B8D>This Gem stone guards one from all evil, purifies the mind and increase flow of positive energy and thought</font>. It is specially recommended for protection from evil influences of Saturn.</font>
Blue Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. If it proves agreeable to a person, <
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<font face=Tahoma>White Sapphire is the gemstone most recommended for Venus, when high quality diamonds are not affordable. It increases artistic and creative abilities. Physically, it strengthens the reproductive system, and is said to aid in the treatment of chronic diseases. <b>White, or colorless, sapphire is a good substitute for diamond and may be used in the same manner</b>. White Sapphire is an excellent choice for jewellery because of its durability. It is second only to diamond on the hardness scale. While white sapphire is sometimes used as a substitute for diamond it is a popular gemstone in its own right.</font>
White Sapphire is the gemstone most recommended for Venus, when high quality diamond
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<font face=Tahoma>Emerald is a stone of prosperity and riches; it is not just a materialistic stone. <font color=#348017>It also encourages spiritual growth, clear vision, intelligence and communication skills, intuition, clairvoyance, tranquility, friendship and unity</font>. More kinds of physical heeling have been ascribed to the emerald than to almost any other stone.
Emerald is a stone of prosperity and riches; it is not just a materialistic stone. <
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<font face=Tahoma><b>Red Coral brings good fortune in life, prosperity in business or service, prestige in society</b>. <font color=#C34A2C>It blesses the wearer with financial stability, extra energy, strength and willingness to meet challenges & face critical situations</font>. <b><font color=#C34A2C>It grants protection from untoward incidents and dangers, attacks of evil spirits, black magic, witchcraft etc</font></b>. This gem stone is known to remove obstacles, protect one from mysterious diseases, sudden & unforeseen developments & happenings, and give courage in adverse & difficult circumstances.</font>
Red Coral brings good fortune in life, prosperity in business or service, prestig
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<font face=Tahoma>Wearing Hessonite is imperative for those suffering from malefic effects of Rahu. Malefics of Rahu increase mental tension, and make one angry & annoyed over small matters. One lacks decision-making power, and is always lost in day dreams and flights of fancy.<font color=#736AFF>It is also useful to those who want to get success in law practice, court affairs,  government service, political sphere, gambling or any unsocial, illegal activity</font>.
Wearing Hessonite is imperative for those suffering from malefic effects of Rahu. Ma
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<font face=Tahoma color=#736AFF>Cat`s Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the 'tail of the dragon'. In Jyotish, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra (Moon). Its influence is similar to Mangal or Mars and includes liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, moksha (enlightenment) & wisdom. Its influence is over learning and emotions. Its wearing removes physical weakness. Mental worries are removed. If cat`s eye acts favorably, it makes one a wealthy person. The wearing of cat`s eye brings strength, brightness, bravery, pleasure, bliss, prosperity and off springs . It not only saves a man from his enemy but also brings victory over the enemy.  It is also said that it destroys sorrow, poverty, diseases and calamities and saves one from evil spirits, hidden enemies and royal punishment . Lost money is found again and stays long by wearing cat`s eye.</font>.
Cat`s Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the 'tail of
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<font face=tahoma>Pearl increases both inner and outer beauty, facial lustre and charm. It reduces tensions, creates mental balance, peace of mind, tranquility and calmness, enhances power of love and understanding. Pearl brings good luck, inspires love, eliminates melancholy, increases enthusiasm and vitality. The wearer of Pearl is blessed with marital bliss and conjugal happiness. Pearl is used to remove the ill-effects of Moon.</font>
Pearl increases both inner and outer beauty, facial lustre and charm. It reduces ten
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<font face=Tahoma>Rudraksha is seed of a fruit from tree grown in <font color=#E56717>INDIA, NEPAL AND MALAYSIA</font>. Rudraksha is the bead with a purpose.It has powerful Electromagnetic properties in controlling stress,blood pressure, improves blood flow and circulation. <font color=#E56717>Rudraksha beads have many powerful properties in transforming one`s personality and outlook in a ppositive way</font>.<b>Its a proven fact now that rudraksha possesses powerful electromagnetic ,paramagnetic and inductive properties and thus on wearing these beads specific electrical impulses are sent to brain stimulating certain positive brain centres thereby causing transformation in the personality, outlook,charisma and confidence of the wearer</b>.<font color=#E56717>It is also a proven fact that rudraksha beads controls heart beat and thus coordinates the blood flow to the brain</font>.<b>In eastern cultures , these beads are believed to possess supernatural powers</b>.Thus, surely rudrakshas are  wonder beads helping us perform better and lead a more successful life.
Rudraksha is seed of a fruit from tree grown in INDIA, NEPAL AND
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<font face=Tahoma><font color=#FDD017>Citrine was once thought to strengthen the mind and increase wisdom, enhance creativity & intuition and bolster one's self-confidence. It was thought to guard against sudden death.</font> Powdered citrine was added to wine to prevent asthma, insomnia and nocturnal fears. A cure for weak vision called for immersing the stone in wine for three days and nights, then rubbing the liquid on the eyes.</font>
Citrine was once thought to strengthen the mind and increase wis
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